Professional Résumé


Blake Malouf

Tel:  (212) 875-7822


Art Institute of Dallas (Graduate with Honors-Video Production Certificate Program)

Sarah Lawrence College (Graduate, Bachelor Degree in Liberal Arts)

Summer Programs at Queens College, Oxford, England

Internship at Playwrights' Horizons (Theater production)

Robert Bordiga's "Nuts and Bolts" class (Film production)

Writer's Boot Camp (Screenplay writing)

Catapult course in Excel (Spreadsheets)

Computer Knowledge

MS Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe After Effects, Final Cut Pro, Skype, all Internet research engines


Spanish, Russian



Executive Assistant to Eva and Yoel Haller

Philanthropists, New York, NY

Duties included:

Organizing office and home affairs

Tracking all expenses using Quicken and online services

Personal and business correspondence

Restructuring of filing systems

Creating comprehensive contact lists and computer

Tracking charitable contributions

Internet research


Executive Assistant to Moran Family, Coordinator of the Doug Moran National Portrait Prize

Moran Health Care Group, Sydney, Australia

Duties included:

Organizing office affairs

Coordinating national art competition

All personal and business correspondence for Doug Moran

All correspondence relating to the Doug Moran National Portrait Prize

Creating database of Australian artists

Coordinating special events for Moran Health Care Group

Internet research


Executive/Personal Assistant to Leila Hadley Luce (Mrs. Henry Luce III)

Writer, Philanthropist

Duties included:

Organizing personal affairs

Party and event planning

Scheduling Board meetings and conferences

Employing transportation contractors

Coordinating book signings and arranging travel itineraries for book tours

Corresponding with agents, publishers, and publicity people

Assisting with the preparation of legal documents

Promotion of books and public relations

Collecting research material via the Internet

Acting as liaison between the staff at the city home and the country homes

Interfacing with the staff at the Luce Foundation

Managing personal finances

Hiring and overseeing household staff and coordinating household repairs

Personal shopping and gift purchasing


Executive/Personal Assistant to Charlotte C. Weber

Director, Campbell Soup Company

Duties included:

Computerizing and modernizing New York office

Working in tandem with Florida office

Internet research

Instructing Internet and computer usage

Scheduling Board meetings and conferences

All personal and business correspondence

Coordinating loans and returns of artwork to museums

Assisting with highly confidential correspondence

Coordinating and overseeing household repairs and construction

Bill paying

Personal shopping and gift buying


Executive/Personal Assistant to the Stafford (Ziff) Family

Owners of Ziff Brothers Investments, former owners of Ziff-Davis Publishing

Duties included:

Acting as liaison between the family and the departments within the company, including the

                    Tax Department, Art Department, and the Family Office

Employing transportation contractors

Coordinating extensive travel itineraries

Assisting private plane purchases

Organizing personal affairs

Overseeing all home repairs, renovations and construction

Hiring household staff

Party and event planning

Designing creative business and personal gifts

Researching charitable organizations and special projects

Personal shopping

Tracking expenses on spreadsheets


Part-time Personal Assistant to Sharon Haugh Stein

Executive Director of Schroeder Capital Management International

Duties included:

Organizing personal affairs

Maintaining electronic date and address book

Handling communications

Setting up appointments

Staffing and organizing formal dinners

Supervising staff at parties

Acting as Chef at smaller parties and in the summer home

Overseeing home repairs and renovations

Decorating the home for special occasions

Holiday shopping and deliveries



Producer, Director, and Assistant for various independent films and documentaries

Graphic and Website Designer


Marketing, Sales

Dian Malouf Jewelry, Dallas

January-April, 1995, 1996

Festival Coordinator for the Avignon/New York Film Festival


Freelance Film, Television and Theater Productions, NYC

Playwrights' Horizons, Lincoln Center, Promenade Theater, Office Kei, Nippas

(for Fuji Television) and Fortune One Productions are among the organizations

for which I have done projects